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AC Replacement

Air Conditioner Replacement In Southeast Texas

Replacing your AC unit is a big decision that often brings along a lot of questions. How do you know if it’s time to buy a new air conditioner? How do you know if a replacement is necessary and not just a repair? We have a few tips in determining if the time has come to replace your air conditioning unit.

Air Conditioner Age

The average life of an AC unit is between 12-17 years. After 15 years, air conditioners have a greater risk of going out so if your ac is getting to that age, it might be time to start exploring some new air conditioners with Air Solutions, Inc.

High Energy Bills

Air conditioners may not operate as efficiently once they are over 15 years old and can lead to an increase in energy bills.

Spotty Cooling

Systems must be sealed properly to evade leaks and ensure the unit is cooling your home correctly. If your ductwork isn’t sealed suitably or the AC unit is beyond repair, a new air conditioner with new ductwork will improve the cooling of your home.

Indoor Air Quality

Older ductwork can be packed with dust, mold, or mildew after years of use. If you observe that the quality of your indoor air is poor or that members of your family are suffering from allergens in the air, AC replacement might be necessary.

Don’t let the thought of an AC replacement scare you – a new air conditioning unit offers great advantages and is an investment to your home. New air conditioners offer:

Quieter operation

Get rid of the sound of roars and crashing from your old AC unit. A new air conditioner will provide quieter operation, so much so that you may not even hear it turn on!

Better AC efficiency

Newer air conditioners can live between 20-25 years, compared to around 15 years for older units. Thanks to advances in technology they run more efficiently and reliably.

Dependable operation

Up-to-date AC units will require fewer repairs than an older model, especially in their younger age.

There are many great air conditioning products to choose from to suit your home comfort level. Talk with us to find the best AC unit for you by giving our team a call or scheduling an appointment online.