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Heating Maintenance

Heating Maintenance In Southeast Texas

Routine heating maintenance is essential to ensure your unit continues to run correctly and efficiently. It’s important to schedule routine maintenance checks each fall to make sure your heater is working properly and will keep you warm in the cooler months. Our comprehensive maintenance visits include these various checks:

Checking the cleanliness of burners and the heat exchanger

Gaging the reliability of the heat exchanger guarantees that the burners are clean and will remain working well – clean burners indicate a cleaner and safer home!

Confirming proper airflow and blower operation

Checking for suitable airflow verifies that there aren’t any obstructions in the heating ducts that could deter its job.

Verifying operation of the heater

Our technicians examine the controls and safety devices to guarantee that the heater is working properly within the home.

Examining electrical components and connections

Annual checks should be performed on the many electrical pieces of the heater.

Here are a few other advantages that proper, routine maintenance will give to you and your home:

Keeps your home safe

All heaters use some sort of fuel to produce heat. Examining your heat exchanger, gas burner and standardization of your gas valve are all involved in the maintenance that keeps your home safe when your heater is in use.

Maintains your heater’s efficiency

Annual maintenance guarantees that your system is functioning at top performance all year long, especially during the colder months.

Reduces the chance of a malfunction

The chance of your heating unit breaking down unexpectedly in the cooler months is reduced if you schedule a heating maintenance check for your unit.

Keep your system working efficiently by calling our team at Air Solutions, or setting up an appointment with us online.