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Heating Repair

Superior Heating Repair In Southeast Texas

During the cooler months, it’s important to know you can rely on your heater to function properly and keep you warm all winter long. If you are unsure if your heating system needs repair, look out for these signs for when to call the HVAC professionals at Air Solutions.

Spotty Heating

Systems that are in need of repair run with uneven heating, therefore reducing energy efficiency and increasing costs.

Loud Noises

When a system isn’t functioning properly, it can make the heater run in constant cycling, which can be noisy and can harm the system over time.

Continuous Maintenance

Heaters may need more care the older they get, but there is also a point when maintenance will no longer work and replacement will be needed.

Energy Expenses

If your heating unit is older and not running as efficiently, you may see an increase in your energy bills.

Wondering how long your older heater will last is an important question for all homeowners. While there is no one answer, as each heater and home environment is different, there are a few industry-wide tips that are relied on:

  • If your heater repair costs are adding up to around 50% of the heater’s cost, it’s time to replace it.
  • Heaters over 12 years old have a much greater risk of encountering frequent issues, big or small.

If you are in need of heating repair or are interested in investing in a new heating unit, give our team a call or request for service online.