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Though upgrading your heating system is an investment, there are many perks that come with saying ‘out with the old’ to your former furnace, especially if you’ve held on to your old heater for ten years or more. Besides throwing out the old, energy- and money-guzzling system, your new system will offer many benefits that weren’t available even just a few short years ago. From improved efficiency to smart home features like zoning climate systems, read on to find out how upgrading your heating system can improve your life at home.


A Comfort Upgrade

Heaters of the modern age offer a number of features designed to keep you and your family more comfortable. Some of the most common comfort upgrades are zoning technology, that allows you to concentrate your heater on the rooms you use most, and variable speed operation. If your home heats unevenly, it may be time to upgrade to a new heating system.


Advanced Technology

Today’s heating system also work in tandem with smart programmable thermostats. You can schedule temperature changes from your smartphone, or easier yet, you can allow your system to learn your climate habits and apply them to your system for you.

A programmable thermostat not only makes managing your home comfort easier and more convenient, it can also help save you money by prioritizing efficiency. For example, the ComfortLink® II XL850 Thermostat by Trane offers five heating stages, a 4.3 inch touchscreen and programming capabilities for up to four different schedules per day.

Additionally, the ComfortLink® II XL850 Thermostat also comes equipped with Trane Diagnostics, a remote diagnostics program that allows your HVAC company to access real time data about how your system is performing. It even alerts them if there’s a problem.


Improved Efficiency

The most appealing benefit of a new heating system to homeowners is typically the increased efficiency. Many people understand that what they invest into a new system is given back to them in reduced utility costs with their newer, more efficient model. If you’re spending exorbitant amounts of money on your heating bill, it may be time for an upgrade to a new model, like the XC95m Gas Furnace by Trane. The XC95m is one of the most efficient models on the market, meaning it saves you money while keeping you warm and comfortable.


Catching Small Issues Now

When you come to the decision to replace your heating system, you’ll want to hire a contractor to help build your estimate. While they’re at your home building this for you, it’s a great time to ask them to glance over the components of the rest of your system.

During this time, they can inspect your duct work, and ensure your A/C is working properly and will be ready for Spring. Getting these components inspected now will not only provide you with peace of mind, it can help catch any small maintenance issues early, before they turn into big, and costly, repairs.


Get the Benefits of an Upgraded Heating System – Air Solutions of Beaumont

At Air Solutions, we’re here to help you with any of your heating or cooling system needs. If it’s time for your home’s next furnace, our experienced HVAC technicians can help. We can recommend the best product for your home and budget and make sure the system is installed correctly. Additionally, we can inspect your current system and make any small repairs or adjustments as needed. Our team is here to improve your whole-home comfort!


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