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Preparing Your HVAC System for Hurricane Season. Summer is finally in full swing, which means two things: one, it’s really hot out, and two, hurricane season is here to stay for a while. Hurricane Season in Texas runs from June 1st to November 30th and brings with it tropical storms and damaging winds. Unfortunately for us Texans, some experts have even predicted this season will be particularly tumultuous.

When it comes to hurricane season, do you know what you should do to prepare your HVAC system–one of the most integral components of your home?

When a hurricane threatens to strike, it can be overwhelming. The strong winds, storm surges, and influx of rain can cause serious damage to your home and property. While you probably already know how to get your family and house ready for the storm, our HVAC experts gave us a list of things you can do to minimize damage to your unit and keep your family safe when preparing your HVAC system for hurricane season.


Preparing Your Unit Before the Storm

If you hear that your community is in the path of a hurricane, here are some things you can do to protect your heating and cooling system when preparing your HVAC system for hurricane season:

  • If you have a gas furnace, turn off the gas supply.
  • Protect your outdoor condenser and other equipment from flying debris with tarps and barricades.
  • Secure your outdoor unit by ensuring bolts are tight and using hurricane straps whenever possible.
  • Turn the breakers off to your AC and furnace.
  • Speak to your HVAC dealer about elevating your system off the ground. This will protect against flood damage.


Weathering the Storm

First things first–if city officials advise you to evacuate, listen to them. Don’t delay, as minutes can make all the difference.

We all know that summer in East Texas is hot and humid. So if you’re struggling to stay comfortable while your unit is off, try placing a cool, damp towel around your neck and closing blinds and curtains to keep the sun and heat away.

Finally, if your community is experiencing high winds, always move away from windows on the lowest floor. If there’s flooding, instead go to your home’s highest level, away from the water. Though, please never go into your attic, as you could easily become trapped by rising floodwaters. If you lose power, use battery-powered flashlights, lamps or candles to get by.


Keeping Safe After the Hurricane

After the storm passes, it’s time to assess the damage. If you discover water or other types of storm damage, you may need to replace components of your unit. Reach out directly to your home insurance provider to file a claim.

If your unit looks damaged, don’t turn it on right away. Instead, contact an Air Solutions HVAC professional who can come out and inspect your system first. They can tell you what needs to be replaced and help prevent further damage.

When a hurricane hits, don’t neglect your home’s HVAC system. Take the necessary precautions to prepare your unit for the storm to protect both your family and your investment.


Contact Air Solutions in East Texas

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