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Summer HVAC Prep for the Texas Heat. Summers in Texas are famous for being hot and humid. And if you’re left without working A/C, they can be pretty miserable, too. To help ensure your HVAC system runs smoothly and keeps you and your family cool all summer long, there are a few things you should do now to prepare. The following at-home HVAC maintenance tips will help you and your loved ones enjoy a cool and comfortable environment all summer long.


Check Your Air Filters & Replace Them if Needed

Regularly replacing your air filters is a small task that can make a big impact on the life of your HVAC system. Your air filters have the important job of filtering out harmful pathogens from your home’s air, like dust, dirt, mildew, pollen, mold and so much more. Old filters quickly become clogged, meaning more of those harmful particles circulate in your home. They can also restrict airflow, reducing the cooling power of your A/C.

Check your filter(s) now, before summer is in full swing. Depending on the type of system you have, you may be recommended to replace them once a month, once every three months, or once or twice a year. If you aren’t sure which cadence is required for your system, reach out to a local HVAC technician.


Be on the Lookout for Dirty Vents

Clogged or dirty vents can also reduce the cooling power of your home’s A/C. While you can’t get the same level of clean on your own as a professional duct cleaning service, you can improve your system’s efficiency by checking your home’s vents for dirt and dust accumulation. While you’re at it, be sure all vents you want open are open. You’d be surprised at how many homeowners don’t realize that many of their vents are fully or partially closed. Opening them will improve airflow and the overall comfort of your home.


Schedule a Yearly Tune-Up with an HVAC Professional

The biggest thing you can do to prolong the life of your HVAC system is annual maintenance by a trained professional. During a yearly inspection, your technician will check all the mechanical components to ensure your system is running properly and there are no potential problems lurking. It’s a great opportunity to catch small problems before they turn into major ones – with major headaches and major bills.


Improve Your Cooling Power

Running your A/C 24/7 all summer long will leave you prone to problems. Overuse is one of, if not the biggest reasons why air conditioners break down. We suggest adding the following to your home comfort mix so you can get the most out of your HVAC system for many summers to come:

  • Invest in quality window coverings
  • Recaulk around windows and doors
  • Use fans (standing and ceiling) to boost airflow
  • Set your programmable thermostat to keep your home cooler when you’re there and warmer when you aren’t


These tips will not only save you money but will help take some of the burdens off of your unit.



Consider Upgrading Your Unit

If you can’t stomach the thought of another humid east Texas summer with a less than ideal air conditioning system, consider making the upgrade to a new unit. While an initially large investment, a new system actually will save you time, money and stress in the long run. Newer models, like the XV20i TruComfort™ Variable Speed system by Trane, are much more efficient and quiet than older models. This means you’ll see lower utility costs and fewer breakdowns over time.


Heating and Cooling Experts in East Texas – Air Solutions of Beaumont

Don’t sweat it out this summer. At Air Solutions, we can help you with any of your HVAC needs. Whether you need an inspection, regular maintenance or a brand new unit, our experienced technicians are here for you. For more information about our heating and cooling system selection, or to schedule an appointment for repair or maintenance, contact us today at (409) 962-2476, or visit us at