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Warning Signs That Furnace Replacement is in Your Future. Winter has finally arrived and it brought its signature chilly weather with it. Whether you’re dreaming of hot summer days or actually enjoy the cooler temps, one thing is for sure: the last thing you need in the middle of winter is a broken or malfunctioning heating system. If you’ve been having trouble with your home heating up, or you’ve noticed a rise in your energy bills, you may have a faulty furnace on your hands. If you’re unsure whether or not now is the time to invest in a new system, take a look at our list of our top warning signs that your furnace is on the way out.


#1 Your Energy Bills Have Spiked

While it is true that your energy costs will slowly increase over time, an unusual spike in heating costs is a warning sign that your furnace is nearing the end of its life. If you’ve conducted regular maintenance and are sure your air ducts are properly sealed, only one thing can be to blame, and that’s your furnace.

As it ages, your furnace becomes less and less efficient. Thus, it requires more energy to keep your home warm, costing you more to stay comfortable during the winter. If you’ve seen an unprecedented rise in your electric or gas bill, contact a local HVAC technician who can help you determine the cause of the increase.


#2 Your Furnace Is Old

Like anything in your home, your furnace won’t last forever. The current average life expectancy of a furnace is 18 years. So if your heating system is 15 years old or older, that’s a sign it may need replacing. You can determine the age of your furnace by looking at the label under the unit, if available.

You should consider replacing an old heating unit for two key reasons: one, an old furnace can break at any time, leaving you out in the cold while you wait for a replacement; and two, new systems are much more energy-efficient, meaning you’ll save a sizable amount money on your energy costs over time.


#3 Your Furnace is Making Strange Noises

Another way you can tell that your furnace is on the fritz is if it starts making strange noises, like squealing, rattling, popping or banging. If your heating system starts to omit loud and unusual noises, contact an HVAC technician for help in diagnosing the problem. The most common issues are faulty motors or loose parts.


#4 Your Pilot Light Flame Isn’t Blue

If you have a gas unit, your pilot light should always have a bright blue flame. A yellow or flickering flame is a sign that something’s up, like your furnace failing to vent away carbon dioxide safely. Contact a professional technician for help immediately, as pilot light problems can be hazardous.


#5 Your Thermostat Isn’t Responding

If you or your family find yourselves constantly adjusting your thermostat to no avail, it’s likely you’re experiencing a furnace malfunction or breakdown. If it’s no longer able to direct heat evenly throughout your home, it’s time for a replacement.


Finding the Right Replacement

At Air Solutions, our team is experienced in helping our customers find the right replacement unit if necessary. They’ll get to know your home comfort needs and will find a Trane furnace that is right for you. From the most-efficient XC95m Gas Furnace to the quietest S9V2-VS Gas Furnace, Trane offers heating systems for any need.


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